Atelier Thread-Art Verhoeven

Thread Art

Threads, they are everywhere in daily life.
In the hands of artist A. Verhoeven, however, the simple threads become intertwined and interwoven three-dimensional works, often of monumental size. The artist gave the by herself developed technique the name "Thread Art".

Mathematics is an integral part of my art. Visible mathematics, can be seen in the finished workpiece; of the relationship between the wire and open space up to the sizes of the different parts relative to each other.
But equally important is the "invisible mathematics".
These range from the calculations that are necessary to mix the curing agents to the proportions of the colors and paints. Mathematics plays a major role, both in the work and in the concept.

The works are characterized by a great diversity in both size, varying from a few centimeters to several meters, as in the material and the processing thereof. Themes such as life and death, change and continuity releasing dogma and tradition are becoming apparent in these works.

Thread-Art Verhoeven on YouTube with "Caelum & Aqua 2014"